Improve your transportation habits

Transportation it’s one of the main pollutant sources on a global scale and one of the biggest CO2 sources. This is mainly because we rely on non renewable, polluting sources to power our cars and other means of transport. You can also consider the short lifetime of a car, that has become even shorter nowadays, […]

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“El laberinto del fauno” and what history tells us

I usually don’t watch movies and I almost never watch Spanish, French or any other non-English movies. Yet i think El laberinto del fauno is one of the best movies ever made. I won’t review it as words are to poor to better express the feelings i have felt. Sometimes, somebody needs to remind us […]

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Using iPhone and similar devices as a learing tools

In the past months i have been using my iPhone for something different than i previously used any mobile devices.  I’m learning write & speak Mandarin Chinese in a different way than i would previously have. Why is iPhone is so useful for learning new languages ? it’s touch enabled, giving me the chance to […]

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Topics for “education, skills, news, information” category

One of the broadest category that can include thoughts about almost anything: books, book shops, science, technology, computers, learning, schools, languages, areas, basic skills ( planning ), advanced skills, administration, latest news feed, newspapers, gossip, magazines What do i think? A better undestanding of our world will help us be a better us than the […]

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