The wrong ways of “GREEN Energy”

Lately “Green Energy” has become more than an simple annoyance to my ears. Everybody is talking about that, people on the streets, companies and even governments. People believe that “Green Energy” will solve their energy needs. Companies are banking on this term to sell their products. Governments are using it to reshape the global economy. […]

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Idea Log – Product availability announced by SMS

I have read for a long time about the fridge of the future that will tell you when you must throw your eggs, will contact the shop and replenish your vegetables while you are asleep … While i am sure tests have been made there will be some time until such products go into mainstream […]

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Improve your transportation habits

Transportation it’s one of the main pollutant sources on a global scale and one of the biggest CO2 sources. This is mainly because we rely on non renewable, polluting sources to power our cars and other means of transport. You can also consider the short lifetime of a car, that has become even shorter nowadays, […]

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COP15 Copenhagen, it’s legacy and a possible solution

Copenhagen COP15 summit was not as success. Yet we have learned much, we have learned that we cannot save our planet and our environment without sacrifice, a sacrifice that we cannot inflict on our future generations.

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Drinking habits, when, where, what to drink

In my previous article i was discussing about our everyday eating habits and how to eat. I started that article thinking about the fact that eating is something we do every day and has a big impact on our life and health. But seems i overlooked something that we do more often than eating and […]

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Using iPhone and similar devices as a learing tools

In the past months i have been using my iPhone for something different than i previously used any mobile devices.  I’m learning write & speak Mandarin Chinese in a different way than i would previously have. Why is iPhone is so useful for learning new languages ? it’s touch enabled, giving me the chance to […]

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Topics for “money & wealth” category

Here are the main topics for “money & wealth” category. Feel free to recommend others! history and future, currencies, cost of living and other useful statistics, sustainable & long term business ideas, trading ( goods, monetary tips, how we are affected, what to do, prices comparisons ) Things that i consider useful to learn and […]

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Topics for “products, services” category

Here are the main topics for “products, services” category. Feel free to recommend others! gadgets, notebooks, computers, electronics, mobile phones, advanced products, general services Things that i consider useful to know and to do: I try to buy only good quality products. This does not mean the products has to be expensive. You just have […]

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Topics for “house, constructions, accomodation” category

Here are the main topics for “house, constructions, accomodation” category. Feel free to recommend others! house and workplace improvement, construction materials, installations and pipes, useful tools & consumer electronics, long term residence planning, materials and health Things that i consider useful to learn and to do: Keep your space as you want it to be. […]

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