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Project Humanity‘s main goal is to help people communicate and interact more with each other while taking into considerations the world we live in, it’s needs and available technology ( video chat/conferencing ).¬†You will discover not only how easy communication can be in the future but also how it can be useful both to the individual and too all of us.

In order for everyone to understand better what is this all about i have prepared separate information from separate points of view but i suggest an interested reader to read all the parts of the article for a complete and better understanding of things.

This project will become a reality once you and me understand it’s uses and usefulness.

I am interested in finding out companies out there that can provide the basic hardware for implementing cheap/affordable High Definition Video Chat/Conference over normal broadband connections and recommend those companies to everyone willing in implementing such systems. I will maintain a list with such systems and i will try to maintain also a list with possible uses of the system itself to help it’s development.

I hope you consider this idea as important as i do and worth using it in our daily lives. If you think so please link to this page and recommend it to everyone you know. If you would like to participate actively in this project please contact me.

Saturday 19/12/2009 – After i have asked some of my friends what is their opinion about project Humanity i’ve come to the conclusion that the project idea is not so easily understandable as presented by me here. This might be because of my bad English or for any other reasons. If you feel like you have understood my message please help me translate it to other languages to make it easier for others to understand.

Thank you !


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    AFAICT you’ve covered all the bases with this asnerw!

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