About me

Hi, my name is Dan and this is my blog.
I am married to a beautiful woman and we have very a nice cat.
I like living, i like learning new things, i like people, i like challenges. I don’t have things that i don’t like as this state is not a permanent feeling.
Favorite “quote” (for the moment): Things that you do most often have the greatest impact on your life. ( i don’t know others than me using this quote so i’ll take the credit for it ). As some have already noticed English is not my first language. Bare with me the mistakes and guide me whenever i am wrong.

About the blog & Short overview

As you already noticed this is not the usual kind of blog as it is less about me and my wife and much more about searching for one’s life useful things. For a long time i have been trying to set up my life priorities, to know what should i do to make things better. Many people have their own image of things and life learned through their experience image that might be useful for others like us. I’ve decided to try to find more people like me and to set up a small community for everybody’s benefit. We will share our point of views and try to decide what is the path to follow. I have named my blog like this ( usefulfor.me ) to have my goal easily understandable. I want o know what are the useful things to do in this life as we only have one.

Even if the subjects i am trying to comment or discuss seem unrelated to everyday things my goal is to point out that specific solutions that can be applied to improve or add to the goal. Thus the information i share with you based on my experience might include references to specific products, companies. When is the case i will point out my relations with the named products and companies and my goal in presenting you that information. Until further notice we won’t accept money to present, recommend products or services, add information to our database, lists etc. I will advertise where needed product functions ( not real products ) or products designed or produced by us ( me and my wife ) ( this is what we do in everyday life afterall ).

For those of you that my ideas and other people ideas presented here are not suitable or proper or against your countries law, please stop using my website. I have no responsability whatsoever on the information provided here, i can’t and i don’t guarantee the accuracy of the information provided here and i don’t endorse any usage other that reading purpose of this information. If somethings suits me that doesn’t imply this will be your case!

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