Covid-19 – new Coronavirus prevention measures

Update 2020.10.23 – Today one new study (from 25’th of May 2020) has come to my attention ( ) that once again confirms the effectiveness of using NaCl (table salt) to create a virus-fighting layer on your existing face mask. 

As such I do now recommend once more the procedure for transforming your DYI and other masks into veritable virus-killers. In the study, they recommend using an extra layer on top of the normal N95 mask or using inner layers where possible (DYI masks). I also think is better this way as this layer can and should be replaced regularly once it becomes wet (possibly a few hours use only).

Update 2020.03.20 – I have updated the post to reflect the answer from the team that published the research in Nature magazine. They DO NOT  RECCOMEND using this DYI process as the effectiveness and benefits of such a modification can’t be properly quantified. 

During the last month, I have been actively studying the new coronavirus outbreak, its dangers, and the prevention solution available.
The point of prevention solutions has been somewhat eclipsed by the other types of news available like the current status of the outbreak, the quarantine measures taken by some states, the research on mortality, conspiracy theories, and so on.
The talk as been much less than needed on active prevention measures with contradictory information available on the use of respiratory masks, medicines and other prevention tools.
I think there are some things that we should agree on before continuing:

  • the outbreak poses a great danger to us (with 2.6% mortality and a higher contagion rate than already contagious influenza viruses and not least the lack of antibodies to prevent for subsequent illnesses);
  • the incubation stage is by far longer than previously observed (from 2-3, 14 to up to 28 days) in other viruses and the fact that many of the cases can be mild poses an even greater danger of entering an endemic stage in the human population;
  • even with the draconic measures that the Chinese government took the spread of the virus couldn’t be contained to the Hubei region and has now reached a growing number of countries;

Taking this into consideration the only means to counteract the spread of the new virus is to implement measures much earlier than the time when the virus is already present in the community.

Basic measures are: 

  • frequent handwash;
  • self-quarantine in case of symptoms or even in case of travel to regions in which the virus has been already confirmed;
  • healthy lifestyle;

But these measures are not enough. There is a need for community-centered measures like:

  • cancelation of public assemblies (concerts, meetings, worshiping in curches)
  • frequent disinfection of public transport, public community centers (city halls, shopping malls)
  • even the hourly disinfection of shopping charts in local supermarkets could be a great tool for prevention, not to mention the pharmacies where people with flu-like symptoms will likely go in search of medicines

Even these measures that are already in place in some areas are not failproof. We would need a vaccine to fight this coronavirus but news about the lack of antibodies in blood plasma of recently discharged patients is not good news when we think of the effectivity of a said vaccine.

It is already understood that if we can protect our airwaves and mouth good enough we might not catch the virus. Most of the measures of hand disinfection are because usually, we use hands to clean our nose and mouth and eyes regularly.

The masks we use now have a limited effect on stopping the virus spread because:

  • low availability of the masks and high prices for good masks;
  • we are not trained to correctly use and dispose of the masks (all respiratory masks are single-use);
  • it is technically impossible to have enough masks for everybody, as would be required to use 2-3 masks per day per person;

This study explains the Effects of Air Temperature and Relative Humidity on Coronavirus Survival on Surfaces   From this study, we can conclude that there is a high probability that also the new coronavirus can survive on surfaces for many days and this adds to the effectiveness of respiratory masks.

During my research on this subjects, I have found this scientific paper Universal and reusable virus deactivation system for respiratory protection. It presents a way to use NaCl (table salt) to create an antibacterial and antiviral layer deposit on the normal respiratory masks. There are numerous articles that present this study like for example this from American Council on Science and Health 

The conclusion is simple. We have all the tools we need to create an effective prevention method. Sadly this information has not yet reached the institutions that ought to protect us, governments, health providers, respiratory masks manufacturers. For example WHO has not responded for example to any of my emails regarding this study nor its director. This is one of the reasons I choose to present this here. I will try to explain in the next few paragraphs how to make your own respiratory mask with antiviral and antibacterial properties. This is how i did my own masks and does not represents an professional advice whatsoever.

Update 2020.03.20. Moreover i have contacted the teams that published the study and they replied to me as follows. They have warranted concerns on coating existing masks as it’s impossible to controll and check the efficienty of such coating on the different materials used in each existing mask type.

“Regarding the mask, the final product is not ready yet. We have demonstrated a concept using a single layer filter, but to make a final product we have to do scale-up research. Single layer and three layers are quite different, and there are many critical factors that we need to consider. If not properly designed or prepared, filter fibers will be damaged and it cannot provide protection against respiratory disease. Actually, it will accelerate the biological contamination. So, I really do not recommend trying to modify current mask. It cannot be made by DIY process.”


  • Table salt in abundance (i have used very fine granularity – recrystallized salt)
    • it is hard to find pure salt but during my tests, I have not seen a morphological difference (quality of salt layer) compared to table salt that contains iodine. As iodine is also an antibacterial agent it should do no harm in the quantities presented in normal table salt.
  • Water
    • again one can use distilled water but we can also find some clean water (not exactly tap water) that we can out of an abundance of caution boil before use;
  • Tween 20 – also known as Polysorbate 20
    • this is readily available from many sources as it is used as an additive in many industries including the food industry and cosmetics industry;
    • according to the latest study, I’ve mentioned at the beginning of my post even without using Tween 20 the method dramatically increases filtration efficiency;

The process:

  1. Saturate the water with salt, to do this mix continuously water and salt until you can see the salt added will not dissolve anymore; To be technically correct you should bring the water to a temperature of 90 degrees celsius as this is the temperature required for the water to dissolve the maximum amount of salt possible;
  2. Add 1% Polysorbate 20 (10 ml for 1 liter of salt-saturated water) and mix; Why Polysorbate is required? Let me explain. Normal masks are hydrophobic (will not readily absorb water). We need to get the salt water to penetrate the masks fibers as much as possible. So we use Polysorbate 20 witch is a wetting agent (helps water enter the fibers of the mask). Also, polysorbate 20 is also good to stabilize the salty mixture we just made so it can be kept for later use.
  3. Apply generously over the layer that you intend to prepare as described in the latest available study. I initially recommended applying it over the entire mask surface (the outside of the mask). “You can also dip the mask in this mixture but that would mean that the mask will be completely coated and then when you will use the mask salt will be in direct contact with your skin. By the way, this is not necessarily a bad thing because there are many that recommend salt skin treatments for skin problems.”
  4. Dry the layer/mask. I have not seen big differences during a faster or slower drying process as the mask fibers will help in the recrystallization layout of salt but on flat surfaces faster drying leads to the formation of bigger salt crystals so I do recommend a slow drying method. In the study, they talk about 37 degrees “dried in an oven (Isotemp Incubator, Fisher Scientific) at 37 °C for 1 day” cited from the scientific article mentioned earlier.

This a microscope picture of a normal mask without the salt layer:

This is a picture with the salt layer added:

The mask or the extra layer can be ready to use. The mask/layer is not hydrophobic anymore. It will readily absorb water and, in the same manner, it will absorb virus aerosols exposing the virus to a high salt concentration and rendering it inactive after 5-6 minutes from contact. The effectiveness of this process is tested at normal room temperatures and humidities keep this in mind when using the mask outside in very low temperatures for example. You should take the mask off after 10 minutes on entering a 25 decrees celsius environment.

The mask created using this process I think it should be effective and safe to be used multiple times. I expect about 5-10 times until the salt layer loses its continuity so also keep this in mind and make sure the salt is still there. Don’t use it in a very humid environment that can deplete the salt layer, don’t use it in the direct rain, etc.

If using a paper towel as an extra layer for an existing mask, as described in the latest study, they recommend changing it every 2 hours.


  • What types of masks/layers can be used?
    • You can use any available mask type. Of course, preferably masks rated FFP3 or N99 but this process will work on any mask type out there.  Update 2020.03.20 – due tot the very different materials used in the mask making process the efffectivness of coating different masks can’t be propperly known or estimated.
    • as it is stated in the latest study you can even use a paper towel as an extra layer for your DYI mask or any other type of material like polypropylene-based materials. It can be inserted as a middle layer of DYI masks or as a cover layer of other types of existing masks.
  • Why don’t manufacturers implement this in masks production?
    • I can only think there are two possible reasons:
      • they don’t know yet as the research on this is from 2017
      • manufacturers will not profit from having such a simple procedure extend the life of a respiratory mask; they prefer to sell single-use masks in big quantities;

The opinions presented in this article are not medical advice whatsoever. Are my own personal opinions. You can always seek professional advice if you wish to use any of the information presented here by me and you should also check with your doctor if you have allergies to salt and any other compounds used here like polysorbate 20.

Update 2020.03.20 – i do not reccomend making such DYI masks. I hope that the oringial study team can contiunue the research and include the coating of existing masks in it.

I welcome any feedback on the informations presented here so don’t be shy to comment.


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God, Mathematics and Us

How it all begun ?
Simple, it all begun with an harmonic amplification of zero (nothing).
God created a simple harmonic function that generated everything that the universe is today.
The harmonic amplification broke zero into time and anti-time witch in turn created matter and anti-matter. The interpolation of matter and time and anti-time and anti-matter is what we know today as space.
Time is expanding and it’s expansion creates the distortion needed to create matter and anti-matter but mater in not created at the same rate as time expansion because the interpolation of time with the mater also enlarges space. The rate at witch time expands can be observed in the famous E=mc2 where c is in fact the rate of time expansion and E is the harmonic amplification function that God used. Acceleration compresses time but it cannot do so more than the rate of time expansion witch is slightly less than the c we know today as light does have an material part that blocks it from travelling at the same rate of time expansion.
Matter attracts matter only because time decays inside of it, slowly canceling the existence of space.
Black holes are everywhere in the fabric of space representing places where time stands still but from there the simple harmonic function of God create a new expansion of time and a new space to intersect with our own.

This is just the main idea, i did made some projections and graphs but they will for sure make this more unreadable than it already is.


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The way universe works it’s the only design that we need and the only design that functions

Upon realizing many things in this life and studying the different systems that compose our reality i come to the conclusion that everything that we design must be designed with a self-balancing feature in witch the sum of all components must result in a perfect balance. All systems that do not have this feature are doomed to end at one point or another as they will eventually forced to do so by the initial design of universe.
This realization is a general one and can be found true in anything including the mundane ones like for example an simple USB cable for your computer. It does not matter if the connector of the cable is good if the wire used is bad, the perfect product is the product in witch all the parts are in a careful balance of quality, features and resource consumption.
In macro-economic terms all the sum of all debits and credits must be zero if we want the system to function.
In social terms the sum of our social interactions with others and the response of that interaction must be equal otherwise some will be depressive and some will be too happy resulting in another type of social inequality and creating a path to social destruction.

Careful balancing is the only sustainable way and everything we do, every product we make, every word we say must be said in a balanced manner.
This is the number one rule of our universe and the starting point for anything we design either it is in form or function as form is function in the same way as function is form. We can divide anything in our quest for knowledge but we must know that the truth only comes in complete form by adding all the pieces we have created together.

The sum of everything will always be nothing.


The solution to the disproportional distribution of resources and wealth

In Hong Kong for example the prices of rents have skyrocketed in the current years. There, if you make less than 2000 USD/month you are considered really poor and you can even get help from the government on this basis.
While 2000 USD are not even enough for basic needs in Hong Kong, somewhere in Romania’s countryside 150 USD per month (a somewhat normal pension) is enough to feed a family and live to see the next paycheck.
The same can be said about many places like Tokyo, New York etc, etc compared to even places from the same country and this is a real source of problems in the world. Why this happens ? Because of the disproportional investments (use of resources) made by a country inside their border and also compared with other countries too. As a first response governments find bad solutions like for example building public services like food canteens where the food is cheaper. The money spent for subsidizing food in this particular case are money wasted as, due to the new cheap canteen prices of rent in the neighborhood will increase resulting in the offset of the benefits. Who is benefiting from this ? Simple: rich people that own proprieties in that area.

There should be one simple principle that all natural resources belong to the people (in fact this already is but in reality are just words) (oil, gas, gold, wood, everything that is derived directly from the land, including the land mass – for building purposes) and must be shared equally between the people as a ‘result’ of their work. So there are 3 million people in a region each of them must be ‘allowed to consume’ their share of existing resources. If a company wants to use more resources for it’s business this must be taken into account by calculating how many people they employ and what is those people share of public resources that they can use. If they want to use more they must pay a premium much like the system for ‘Green Certificates’ works. Employment must mean that the person employed has enough benefits from the employment so he can live a decent life. If it works only 4 hours per day then it must mean that the company only can benefit from 50% or less of the ‘free resources’ quota assigned to that person from the total available resources of the region/country.

So the system should settle the available resources assigned to an individual and the resources cost for that region.
This is the only way we can correctly distribute the usage of resources and create a sustainable resource management.
An simple example:
i have a quota of:
– 10 liters of petrol
– 2 kilos of salt
– 4 kilos of meat
I choose to buy 5 liters of gasoline to power my car and eat 4 kilos of meat so i still have available 5 liters of petrol and 2 kilos of salt. If a company employs me that this company will be entitled to ‘use’ 5 kilo of petrol that i did not used and the 2 kilos of salt. Of course the company is an IT company so they don’t require petrol or salt so they can swap their ‘quota certificates’ with others to get a higher quota of electricity to power their computers and so on. This is also valid in the case of people employed by governments as they do function as companies.

Upon this structure we then can see that people can choose to move to a region with better resources to their quota is higher but of course if too many people move there the quota will diminish so in reality this will create a self sustaining long term system that will ensure better life for everyone while ensuring the resources are used in a correct, fair and future safe way. This is the only possible way of a correct income/resources distribution that really means the resources of a country really belong to it’s people.

The only obstacle of such a system is the free movement of persons between borders but as a starting point it can be easily implemented in Europe for example and assure sustainability and fairness between Europeans.

This is a rough DRAFT but i hope it can be understood at least in principle by some of you that care.


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An inheritance for the future

I have read today an article that made me think:
I do not agree with the fact that inheritance should be taxed at all (due to the fact that those money had already been taxed in the past) and the fact that the whole institution of inheritance is a bad thing but i do have some opinions i want to share with you.

The purpose of inheritance in my view is that i work to make my family a better future and my kids a better chance in life.
My kids should have the same goal as me when it comes to their own families and kids. I realize that if my kid inherits a significant amount his goal will probably won’t be the same with mine, he won’t think at the future generations as i do.

I propose the next variant of inheritance to overcome this problem.
The inheritance that i leave to my child should be left untouched and not taxed in any way as this already happened when i made the money and would be like stealing from my dreams. I give my inheritance to my kids telling them to take good care of my efforts to build what i could build and do their best to build their part upon that thus offering them the starting point i wanted in their own life.
The amount of inheritance i leave can be a quantifiable and should be quantified taking into consideration a common agreed framework (inflation levels, propriety values, etc, etc).
When the times comes and my kid dies people should judge ‘his inheritance’ as the quantity he added to the amount of inheritance he received while he was living. That it is his work, his merit and his inheritance to his kids. If the quantifiable value calculated is less than what he inherited in the first place then it just mean that my he failed to create added value starting his initial inheritance and thus he won’t be able to leave his kids anything, so his inheritance will be calculated as 0. Everything above that can and should be inherited by his kids in the same way it happened with my inheritance. So when my kid dies what happens with the portion of inheritance that still exists from what he was given to over the course of his life ? That portion of inheritance is ‘inherited by everyone else’ and effectively gets owned by the government. The government can then decide what is the best way to deal with it for our society common good.

This is in my opinion the the fairest way i can think of when it comes to inheritance and gives people a reason to continue working for the good of everyone else and his own because what good is that a rich person lives in a sea of poverty ?


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The inner workings of the Genome – the CRC

Let me be clear from the start that this is not a scientific assessment but i do wish someday someone could try to approve or disprove the issues i mention here at least for the sole purpose of knowing why we are like we are today and how did we become like this.
I have always been interested in genetics and computers and i believe that the genome is the computer of all living things. My assessment today starts from the simple truth that “the strength of a chain lies in it’s weakest link” witch i consider an universally valid statement more like an axiom.
The Genome (in the case of humans represented by DNA) was build over many thousands of years to become what it is today. It’s a inheritance from our ancestors while giving us much of our individuality (genotype), the other individual characteristics being the result of our phenotype.

I will answer to myself to some questions:

Why most of our Genotype information is not seen to be used ?
This is not true. Our Genotype it is used 100% in the build up that leads to who we are genetically. We do have dormant genes but that does not mean that they are not used. Dormant genes are genes that are there because they have a great possibility to be included into the basic foundations of our species. Those genes are not yet so important and do not have enough additional alternative genes so that can make a trait permanent.

How natural section over time affects the Genome composition ? Why some genes trigger important modifications to the end result (us) and some don’t ?

As generations pass genes will:
– disappear from our Genome completely – the mutation has a failure rate of more than let’s say 90%, subjects dying because of this before being able to reproduce
– become permanently dormant – the mutation has a lower failure rate of about 50% witch still allows gene to be functional in some individual and not functional in others
– alternative genes that result in basically the same structural modifications will be added to the Genome – this happens with the failure rate of the mutation is less than 10% – and results in the fact that a certain characteristic becomes a permanent one; this mechanism is easy to understand when we think that this is nature way to say that a certain characteristic must be present in all the individual of the species. The importance of a gene in this ‘mini’ characteristic chain is decreased by adding alternative genes to the gene pool so that mutation of one element does not permanently affects the end result anymore. This mechanism is our natural CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) algorithm creating a flexible structure that permits mutations (accepts random mutations that happen anyway) while minimizing the impact of those mutations in case of traits useful for the functioning thus survival of that species.

Knowing this ‘facts’ we can deduct that genes that trigger important modifications have something to do with the fact that those are newly acquired genes, only present in our Genome for few generations ago and have not been yet ‘selected’ as a permanent resident of our Genome.

How the previous realization can affect future knowledge of the Genome ?
As i see it now this perspective can help us determine and structure better the evolution of life. We will be able to see what wore the important mutations in chronological order that made us who we are today and made everything it is today as it is. The more alternative genes found the more older are the traits that they describe. On that basis i assume that visual traits (the way things look like they look) are the new additions to the Genome and are prone to radical changes much more than the inner workings of things (our organs, cells, etc).
Understanding better the Genome will help us advance genetics into finally creating new forms of life radically different from we have today and possible even different than carbon based ones as it is life today. I do not do any assumptions on ethics as this is a pure theoretical possibility in my mind.
This realization of the time distribution of Genome and it’s ‘CRC’ proprieties can explain even further why interbreeding favors one species to another, why the human ‘African’ genome is ‘stronger’ than ‘Asian’ genome that is stronger than ‘Caucasian’ genome and so forth and will give us a much better understanding of the future of our on Genome and species. I assume that ‘Africans’ have more alternative genes in quantitative therms (better ‘CRC’) for a specified trait thus the higher probability that the trait will survive better in offsprings when interbreeding with Caucasians.

If required i will try to develop on this ideas but for now this is is a draft that i am publishing here. Sincerely waiting for your comments 🙂
Also it might be possible that someone else did all this rationale and research prior to what i post here but i have no idea and i don’t even care too much. I have no background experience to approve or disprove this but i am surely not Mister Ponta (the number 1 plagiarist of Romania).


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Ten ways to keep yourself happy

Happiness is a shared experience, it’s the sum of our feelings a moment in time. Happiness also comes from simple things, things that all of us understand. Did you forget to be happy today ? Let me remind you how:

1. Smiling
Smiling is the easiest and probably the most effective way to keep yourself happy. Smiling is contagious, smiling makes people near you happy, they trust you more and when they smile back you feel rewarded. So don’t you stand there and don’t smile, smile with every chance you have. (Some people will surely say i forgot laughing… but i did not, when laughing others need to know why and sometimes not everybody is in the mood to laugh.)

2. Wear a Mickey Mouse T-shirt
Yeah, we all know Mickey Mouse and we all love him, parents and kids alike, almost in every country. Mickey Mouse is an icon without borders it’s a common thing we have even if we are strangers to each other. So go buy a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. You will at least have something in common with everybody you meet.

3. Help people to take pictures in the park
Most of the times couples go to spend time in the parks of our crowded cities and all the time they want to remember that moment. At that point they try to take pictures of themselves, of their loved ones. Also most of the time they are only able to take pictures in turns and they end up not having a proper picture together. As this is probably the only picture they would really remember you can help them by offering to take a picture. They would love this, and you will have a chance to learn how to use all the existing camera models, from old ones up to the latest professional ones. They would reward you for your help by smiling at you and sometimes you can even make new friends.

4. Help people with directions
Do you know your neighborhood really well? Use that to help others. It’s easy to see when someone needs a help in this area. You just look around and you will understand. Help those people find what they are looking for. I remember when i first arrive to Cluj Napoca a man helped me find a school near the city center. He offered to take me there and after a short walk and a nice talk i got where i wanted to. I was happy and i could not thank him enough. He surely knew that making others happy meant happiness for him too. It’s only years later i have understood his reasons. Thank you !

5. Crowded metro station ?
Someone does not know how to buy a ticket because he is new in town? Don’t you stand there and watch and complain about how long it takes to buy a ticket. Go and help him. He will remember that the city is not an frightening, heartless place after all.

6. Not all of us are strong and powerful
Some of us are young and fragile, some of us are old and weak. Offer your help in carrying their things on the stairs or at the road crossing. But keep in mind not to insist if they refuse your help.

7. Give kids a candy
All the kids want something, either a candy or a toy to play and sometimes a parent can’t afford one. Ask the parent if it’s OK to buy his kid that thing he really wants. If you can get his parent permission than you will surely make 2 people happy, the kid and his parent.

8. Share the nice moments with your friends
If you think something is worth sharing and will please them don’t hesitate. They might not be happy right away but they will understand they you care for them. Don’t share things that are good for you, share things that you think are good for others. Nobody wants to know you’ve got a new diamond ring. They would like much more a simple advice or how are you question. You can easily see how a person is, based on what is sharing with his friends.

9. Add value to your world
Creativity is a human trait. We are creative every second by we must know to use that to add value to the things around us. Either by helping someone with fixing his door lock, his watch, his car, either by creating a new online way to get people together. All this things add value to our world and make it better. We are as good as the world we live in.

10. Shut up and listen
Every time you should listen first and talk later. You never know what the other person is thinking unless he tells you and he can’t do that if you talk all the time. Having the patience to listen will enable you to understand better to world around you and feel more comfortable living in it and probably happier.

The list can be continued, but at least for now, if you manage to do all this things you will get a big hug.


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us, after a thousand years

Sometimes i read some hair raising articles, not because of their subject, not because of the way they are written but because they prove a horrible understanding of the basic realities of human life and they promote the distortion of this realities to inimaginable extents. This is plain wrong. Is wrong to shit ideeas without at least thingking at them for a split second and thinking what the impact of such ideeas will be. I am trying to corect a wrongdoing by The SUN, the famous UK tabloid, that together with their non interesting articles they include brain damaging conclusions with the help of ‘reliable’ and ‘documented’ and ‘educated’ sources.

This is the article i am dissecting today:

Let’s start with the “Smaller brains, more wrinkles, fewer teeth” a title that only can make us guess what horrors will follow. Then we continue speaking about the only really true fact taht exist in this article that states that “EVOLUTION has changed our bodies and faces over thousands of years — and it’s still happening.” From this point we forget about reality and we dwelve into the horror of the future human. I present first my opinions then i compare them with the ones presented in the article:

HEIGHT – while i believe that humans of the future will be taller this is in now way linked to improve nutrition and medical science, unless we can say that we will be genetically modified to be taller. The only and the logical reason that humans in the future will be taller is that beeing tall is seen a a beautifull characteristics so women and man alike will choose taller parteners over shorter ones when reproducing. So i hope Osteopath Garry Trainer did not state that people will be taller because of improved nutrition and medical science witch is a utter nonsense, and i hope is only LYNSEY HAYWOOD, Sun reporter that can englighten us.

INTESTINES – the length of the intestines is linked with the simple fact that people that had more/longer intestines had the capacity to eat more food, digest all types of plants and meats so they could survive better and have better chances to procreate. This is the reason intestines have grown in length over time. In the future the length of the intestines does not affect anymore the ability to procreate and knowing this i can conclude that the intestine length will level off and won’t grow or shorten much more over the next forseeable future. The intestine will not “get shorter so we don’t absorb as much fat and sugar — a natural way of avoiding obesity, says dentist Dr Philip Stemmer”. So Dr. Philip Stemmer is a denstit who has no knowledge of medicine whatsoever and i am ashamed he is in a position to make such utter nonsense statements. Shame on you Dr. Philip Stemmer.

TESTICLES – Testicles wore in the past a sign of fertility so male with longer testicles had better changes of finding a suitable partner. If we look from a racial point of view because in Africa testicles have been exposed longer than on other continents Africans tend to have longer testicles than other races. Asians have the smallest because they stater wearing clothes earlier and testicle length did not play a role on choosing a partner for a very long time. The size of the testicles will remain almost the same in the future globally but because of interbreeding of races Africans will have smaller testicles while Asians will have longer. So the size of the testicles has nothing to do with ‘male fertility decline’. Shame on you The Sun reporter! Another FAIL!

ARMS AND FINGERS – Because arms and fingers are commonly used for expressing thoughts and people that express themselves better have better chances of finding a suitable partener and procreating in the future we will have longer arms and fingers. There might also be a link between arms and fingers with the way we use techology today in the sense that people that are more proefficient in using arms and fingers will be able to find parteners on online networks faster and probably will have chances of making more money so this will increase their changes in successfully attaining procreation but this is the maximum extent in witch we can link iPhones with the future development of hands and fingers. From another perspective because today people with very high dexterity are no longer valuable to society like for example the watch makers the length of the arms and fingers will not improve changes of poeople with long arms to survive better than the ones with shorter arms. So overall i think the size of arms will increase but at a minimum pace, maybe 1cm in the next 1000 years or more. So there will be no dramatical change in this area. ANOTHER FAIL for The SUN! Shame on you for this lousy reporting! You claim that “ARMS AND FINGERS get longer to reduce the need to reach too far and nerve endings in hands and fingers will increase because of the greater use of devices such as iPhones that need complex eye-hand coordination.” What a utter nonsense!

BRAINS – Brain helped a lot people in the past to survive in their enviroinment and have babies. People with big brains would hunt better, plan better for the winter, do everything a little better so evolution favored them. That is until agriculture was invented and up to nowadays where with enough inherited fortune you can survive all your life without using your brain whatsoever. So yes the BRAIN will get smaller in the future because it does not have any more impact on the natural selection process as it has in the past, in fact nowadays the smaller the brain the greater chances that you will have babies and live a longer live than intelligent people that to crazy or dangerous things. Another FAIL for mister Chris Stringer and The SUN in this area too. Brain size won’t change because ‘so much memorising and thinking is done by our computers’. This is just anohter utter nonsense! Seems mister Chris is working as a genitor in the Natural History Museum.

EYES – Eye size is an important feature of our face and it’s a important LIKE in the way we choose our partener. So yes because they still count in the natural selection EYE size will increase in the future (but only after a small decrease caused by the interbreeding of Asian and other races). In fact we can’t call it a decrease. Europeans will have smaller eyes and Asians bigger then gradually everybody eyes will increase in size. Another factor for the increased size is the fact that nowadays we do a lot of work in poor light conditions. So people doing better work in poor light will have better changes of survival than healty people that stay outsize. Doing better work in poor light mens that your eyes are bigger and that they can capture more light. So this is one simple reason of why our eyes will be bigger. People living outside, in the sunlight simply don’t need big eyes because the Sun provides allways enough light. So increased eyes will also meean more senstive to Sun so people will stay more time indoors with all that this means.So The SUN gives us another shit opinion “There will be LARGE EYES to compensate for smaller mouths”. Althow Cary Cooper, of Lancaster University “Communication will rely on facial expressions and eye movements.” is the first one that get’s the bigger picture a little bit right. Yes people that can communicate better will get more kids so people with bigger eys that we consider ‘the window of our soul’ will thrive, althow he does miss some other explainations that i have discussed earlier.

TEETH – in the past good teeth ment long life, meant more kids to inherit your good teeth. So this was the engine of teeth growth in strength, number and size. Because nowadays people rely only on dentists to fix their teeth, we have eliminated one more thing from the list of natural evolution. Because now we can replace the whole mouth if we wish a woman can’t recognize a man with BAD teeth and the opposite is true. So the teeth will continue to stagnate or even decline inthe next few thousands of years. There will be another leveling of this property on the overall population. People with very good teeth will dissapear and people with very bad teeth the same. So everybody will just have medium teeth in the future.
What Dr. Stemmer explains to us is another great stupidity from the mouth of a person that should have no right to practice medicine let alone be a Dentist. Here is the utter nonsense stated by this dentist: “Dentist Dr Stemmer also thinks there could be FEWER TEETH as softer food needs less chewing and biting. He says: “We could even get our nutrition from liquids or pills in the future, which could mean less teeth and receded jaws.”

CHINS – the plastic surgeon wants more ugly people to come to see him. He wishes that everybody has quadruple chins. In your dreams Mr. plastic surgeon! “Our bodies were designed for eating less and using more energy than a modern lifestyle requires,” says Rajiv Grover, a consultant plastic surgeon. I hope this is not a real plastic surgeon. It’s a shame. Because chins are still considered a beautiful trait of males and females alike people with medium chins will win the most.  Too big bad, too small is also bad so people will choose to mate with a partner with medium chin size. So in the future the chin size will keep beautiful proportions. So in the future the chin size won’t change dramatically from what it is nowadays.

NOSE – The SUN has the same conclusion that i have that the NOSE will be the same for all humans in the long run but they come to this conclusion through a wrong reasoning. People don’t select their partners anymore due to their nose size. Nowadays a lot of women choose to ‘deceit’ men by having their nose job. Because of this our kids nose will become more of the same size and people with small or bigger noses will be harder to find than today. ‘Everyone will have the same shape of NOSE because climate is having less influence on broad or narrow hooters thanks to air conditioning and central heating.’ is another very idiot brain damaging conclusion of The SUN. Climate at least for now does not have any impact on the nose size whatsoever because it does not impact the fundamental natural evolution of man by procreation, that is having babies. Climate don’t affect partner’s choices on nose size or the ability of a person to survive just in time to have kids.

HAIR – I’m getting a little bit tired of commenting this stupid article but i feel that people must know the reality they are in and don’t accept this as news in the future. After all i want a better future for everybody. “Central heating and warm clothing means we’ll be LESS HAIRY but there’ll be more WRINKLES as a result of peering at our electronic devices ??? WTF. Another FAIL. LESS hair is considered beautiful and women go to great lengths in removing their body hair. When men are choosing a woman they look at their soft skin and they expect no hair … and this was the main reason we today now have less corporal hair than our ancestors. But this is changed, women can trick us again using technology, we can also trick them into thinking that we don’t have forests on our chest or in our beards so hair has been eliminated in terms of natural selection. Because of this the corporal hair quantity will level off, so Asians will start having more hair, Europeans less and overall we will have the same corporal hair in the future than we have today.

The end is already impossible for me to comment. Just judge for yourselves:
“We could end up with saggy turkey necks too because extra sun will cause loose skin and baggy eyelids.” but they do have a valid conclusion to end with … “And there will be darker skin as people move around the planet and races mix.” Yes because of a intense race mix everybody will have in the long run a darker skin shade, there will be no black and white anymore.

And don’t forget: Brain usage does not harm your health!

P.S. The article forgot to mention a lot of other human features like muscle mass, senses including smell, hearing, that maybe i will try to discuss with you in an another article on the subject of how the human of the future will be like.


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Another Chapter of Human Involution

Advertising and it’s role in our society

Every day i watch better and better commercials. The advertising industry does a better job as anytime in our history and this is only normal taking into consideration that they are building their advertisments based on a deeper and deper understanding of our human nature and our why we see the world and interact with it. Everyday they are improving the concepts, they find new ‘soft’ spots into their audience minds. Everyday new advertising forms appear that does not look as advertising and everyday i learn how to spot and ignore such fake messages. Even so advertising has never been more effective than now.

I don’t especially like commercials and, because of that, i choose not to own a TV for the last 6 years of my life. My interaction with the ‘outside world’ is mainly based on internet and on the fact that using the computer i can choose when, if and what materials to watch and i can easily choose not to go to the websites what have way too much advertisments. Even so i feel that advertising has captured all my surroundings. Metro stations, bus stations, buildings, parks, everywhere i am surrounded by advertisements. They are also taking hold of my internet world, video sharing sites presenting advertisements much in a way i hated about the traditional TV. The widespread use of advertising has diminished their one by one impact by the overall picture is that the effectiveness increases.

Wikipedia tells us that “Advertising or advertising is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group of people) to continue or take some new action.” We could not be more wrong than that and this is the image advertising agencies are counting on it.

We usually believe that Advertising it’s about selling products, but the fact of the matter advertising it’s more about the end result than about the product itself. And what is the end result ? This 1895 ad. from Wikipedia Commons ask us to ‘GET FAT’ and if watched in detail we can see that taking this products “will produce from 8 to 16 lbs. of solid healthy flesh per month.”

Nature has endowed us with the ways to take care of ourselves, to know what is right for us. This process had taken hundreds of thousands of years and it’s what we call today evolution. We have evolved in such a way that even when we are infants our senses can detect our mothers milk and know it’s good for us to drink it. Such mechanisms are embedded into our genes and our life is guided by it. In fact all our senses are designed in such a way to help us overcome the hostility of life. Powerful sounds, powerful colors ( red ), powerful  smells, powerful tastes put us on alert every time. Through this senses we have also come to enjoy life and this is why we can smell flowers, we can taste honey, we can hear music, we can see beauty.

What is happening right now ?

Advertising has blurred the lines between only selling products and manipulating people a long time ago. Nowadays we are even encouraged to buy products in order to deceive ourselves or our partners.

Males are genetically wired to be able to find and matching partner for procreation. The beauty of a woman represents in the eyes of males those characteristics that can assure healthy offsprings. Again the concept of beauty has been changed over the centuries by our minds becoming nowadays something very far away from what was supposed to be from nature’s point of view. Either we refer to beautiful flowers that count on their beauty (color, shape) to be selected by insects and perform pollinisation, either we refer to ‘beautiful’ sounds that help many birds choose their mating partner beauty is one of the nice ways nature devised as a natural selection method. Humans are no stranger to this selection algorithm and beauty counts for us even more than it counts for animals or plants in the process of selecting a partner.

Here advertising is hurting our evolution more than anybody now can imagine. We have been lied by ads that we have to be fat to be healthy, more recently  that we have to be really skinny to be beautiful and so on when the truth is that each one of us must be the way was made to be by nature and by its parents. Such advertising, based on the human ‘urge’ to be selected, to be beautiful, has created monsters. It has created useless industries that sell useless products based on this natural ‘urge’ generating endless amount of waste just because we have been deceived that we can’t live without mascara, without longer eyelashes, without soft skin and straight hair.

But this is not by far the worst thing that has happened. This are only external products that have a limited impact on our understanding of our partner. You can forget one day to use a perfume and then you can smell your own body odor. You can forget to put mascara and you will see the true face of your partner. We can detect this changes and we can override them in our minds in our quest to search for a partner. This things usually can’t do much harm but then there are some long term ‘solutions’ to this non existent ‘problems’ that advertising has helped create and feed over the last decades.

Among those long lasting effects are medical treatments designed to ‘rejuvenate’ us, breast implants, butt implants, nose jobs and so on. The effects of this procedures are very easy to understand. We need to understand first that these are lies we can’t easily detect until it’s too late. Having a nose job is only a step further from lying everybody about your natural nose shape. All this changes means the partners lie each other about their REAL and NATURAL capability of producing healthy and beautiful offsprings.

For example breasts are the best thing a infant can wish for and the ability to provide good quality milk for the mother is an important factor of child development. This is the main biological purpose of breasts. Big breasts mean an abundance of such milk and males are more likely to choose big-breasted females as their partner because of only this reason.

What is the outcome of such lies promoted by ‘advertising’ and i don’t only refer to advertising agencies, i refer here to every human being, an unnatural modified body ?

The outcome is at least grim. Generation by generation humans will be more ugly than they have ever been before and smart people that don’t decide to have their nose job will be an extinct subspecies. With each generation the problem of ‘beauty’ will amplify and advertising and products to hide the natural ‘ugliness’ will be more and more used. This is nothing more than a vicious circle with every step bringing us close to extinction. For the first time in our earth history a species has started to involute and lose its adaptive capabilities.

Sadly things do not stop here. Medicine nowadays is giving even a bigger blow to nature and natural selection. Not even that we are lied about ‘beauty’, about the visible features that help us decide the best partner, we are lied starting from the genetic material. People carrying grave genetic disorders, disease prone and so on are living longer lives today than they would ever have been and during that borrowed time, given to them by medicine are having offsprings that carry with them all the bad genes of their parents. In an normal evolutive society, this would have not been possible. I do praise the advances of medicine and that they are giving me a chance to live a longer life than my ancestors have lived but i must understand that i have a responsibility to the human species that, if there is the case, might mean that i should not have the offsprings that i would not have had anyway.

What can be done ?

My first impulse is to be radical, to put a stop to all this. But this is an insane thought when we think at the consequences. The only acceptable and normal way is for people to demand less advertising be imposed on them, to demand less fiction to be used.

We should demand from the people we meet to know their medical history and any modifications that they have made to their body so we can take an informed decision when choosing the partner that is lying to us everyday about their appearance and health. We should say that is not acceptable to modify your body unless there are imperative reasons to do this like in the cases of accidents.

And last but not least we should refrain from having offsprings if we are the carriers of grave genetic diseases or feats that have great chances to be genetically transmitted.

For humanity to have a future everything we do must be put in the perspective of evolution.


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Q&A: Why does hot water freeze faster than cold water?

Seemed to me like a question long answered. This is my shortened answer:
Heat is a macroscopic characteristic of ‘microscopic’ events. In our case we have 2 bodies of water with different temperatures. The higher the temperature the higher the kinetic energy of the particles.

It is a fact that hot water freeze faster than cold water, and we have made this simple chart to represent this fact.
We can see that the hot water looses temperature faster than the cooler one and at one point their temperatures will be the same. Yet at that point the inertia of it’s particles kinetic movement would would be higher than the initially cooler water mass and because of that the hotter water will continue to loose temperature faster. This is the critical factor that determines the fact that the hot water body freeze faster. We refer here to thermal conduction witch is the principal (quantitative) means of heat transfer in the case of water bodies. We can easily see that radiation, net mass transfer, only have a very small impact on the water heat transfer while viscosity (booth bodies have the same viscosity) and chemical disipation and not specific to  the present question.
So the final answer is: Because of the intertia of the kinetic movement of particles.
This is my response to the question.
You believe this is wrong ? Thanks for leaving a comment.

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