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family, friends, communication mediums ( internet, leters, packages, etc )

Things that i consider useful to know and to do:

Perceptions and feelings are a key to happiness and good mental health. There is nobody better to create feelings in one human than other humans. We belong to the same race and we see the same things different and yet the same. Good social interaction is a key to a good human development ! As i said in the “feelings, senses, perception” category we need to use our senses at their full potential. This is also true in our relationships. Seems nowadays physical interaction between people has become history. We need to send letters ( in material from ), packages, presents, we need to hold each other hands in order to fully gasp the relationships meanings. Relations without touch, smell, feel are empty ones. We cannot replace flesh and blood with computer software !

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  1. Delphia Says:
    April 11th, 2011 at 10:55 am

    Home run! Great suglgnig with that answer!

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