God, Mathematics and Us

How it all begun ?
Simple, it all begun with an harmonic amplification of zero (nothing).
God created a simple harmonic function that generated everything that the universe is today.
The harmonic amplification broke zero into time and anti-time witch in turn created matter and anti-matter. The interpolation of matter and time and anti-time and anti-matter is what we know today as space.
Time is expanding and it’s expansion creates the distortion needed to create matter and anti-matter but mater in not created at the same rate as time expansion because the interpolation of time with the mater also enlarges space. The rate at witch time expands can be observed in the famous E=mc2 where c is in fact the rate of time expansion and E is the harmonic amplification function that God used. Acceleration compresses time but it cannot do so more than the rate of time expansion witch is slightly less than the c we know today as light does have an material part that blocks it from travelling at the same rate of time expansion.
Matter attracts matter only because time decays inside of it, slowly canceling the existence of space.
Black holes are everywhere in the fabric of space representing places where time stands still but from there the simple harmonic function of God create a new expansion of time and a new space to intersect with our own.

This is just the main idea, i did made some projections and graphs but they will for sure make this more unreadable than it already is.


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