The solution to the disproportional distribution of resources and wealth

In Hong Kong for example the prices of rents have skyrocketed in the current years. There, if you make less than 2000 USD/month you are considered really poor and you can even get help from the government on this basis. While 2000 USD are not even enough for basic needs in Hong Kong, somewhere in […]


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The wrong ways of “GREEN Energy”

Lately “Green Energy” has become more than an simple annoyance to my ears. Everybody is talking about that, people on the streets, companies and even governments. People believe that “Green Energy” will solve their energy needs. Companies are banking on this term to sell their products. Governments are using it to reshape the global economy. […]


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COP15 Copenhagen, it’s legacy and a possible solution

Copenhagen COP15 summit was not as success. Yet we have learned much, we have learned that we cannot save our planet and our environment without sacrifice, a sacrifice that we cannot inflict on our future generations.


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Topics for “house, constructions, accomodation” category

Here are the main topics for “house, constructions, accomodation” category. Feel free to recommend others! house and workplace improvement, construction materials, installations and pipes, useful tools & consumer electronics, long term residence planning, materials and health Things that i consider useful to learn and to do: Keep your space as you want it to be. […]


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