The inner workings of the Genome – the CRC

Let me be clear from the start that this is not a scientific assessment but i do wish someday someone could try to approve or disprove the issues i mention here at least for the sole purpose of knowing why we are like we are today and how did we become like this. I have […]


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Topics for “education, skills, news, information” category

One of the broadest category that can include thoughts about almost anything: books, book shops, science, technology, computers, learning, schools, languages, areas, basic skills ( planning ), advanced skills, administration, latest news feed, newspapers, gossip, magazines What do i think? A better undestanding of our world will help us be a better us than the […]


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Topics for “products, services” category

Here are the main topics for “products, services” category. Feel free to recommend others! gadgets, notebooks, computers, electronics, mobile phones, advanced products, general services Things that i consider useful to know and to do: I try to buy only good quality products. This does not mean the products has to be expensive. You just have […]


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