God, Mathematics and Us

How it all begun ? Simple, it all begun with an harmonic amplification of zero (nothing). God created a simple harmonic function that generated everything that the universe is today. The harmonic amplification broke zero into time and anti-time witch in turn created matter and anti-matter. The interpolation of matter and time and anti-time and […]

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The inner workings of the Genome – the CRC

Let me be clear from the start that this is not a scientific assessment but i do wish someday someone could try to approve or disprove the issues i mention here at least for the sole purpose of knowing why we are like we are today and how did we become like this. I have […]

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Psychoanalysis – About the existence of repression as a conscious, voluntary mechanism

Today by chance i Google-Booked a book of psychoanalysis called Psychoanalysis (Its Evolution & Development) By M. Asch, page 64-65 – Unconscious Processes and Repression Conclusions about hysteria – A. A hysterical symptom represents a forgotten memory B. The forgotten memory is in some way expressed by the symptom C. No hysterical symptiom exists withou […]

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Topics for “new & unknown” category

Here are the main topics for “new & unknown” category. Feel free to recommend others! how to deal with the unknown, how to accept the new, getting old and understanding the new, death My main opinions on this? Unknown for some is seen as a bad thing, for others is similar with fear. We can […]

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