The way universe works it’s the only design that we need and the only design that functions

Upon realizing many things in this life and studying the different systems that compose our reality i come to the conclusion that everything that we design must be designed with a self-balancing feature in witch the sum of all components must result in a perfect balance. All systems that do not have this feature are doomed to end at one point or another as they will eventually forced to do so by the initial design of universe.
This realization is a general one and can be found true in anything including the mundane ones like for example an simple USB cable for your computer. It does not matter if the connector of the cable is good if the wire used is bad, the perfect product is the product in witch all the parts are in a careful balance of quality, features and resource consumption.
In macro-economic terms all the sum of all debits and credits must be zero if we want the system to function.
In social terms the sum of our social interactions with others and the response of that interaction must be equal otherwise some will be depressive and some will be too happy resulting in another type of social inequality and creating a path to social destruction.

Careful balancing is the only sustainable way and everything we do, every product we make, every word we say must be said in a balanced manner.
This is the number one rule of our universe and the starting point for anything we design either it is in form or function as form is function in the same way as function is form. We can divide anything in our quest for knowledge but we must know that the truth only comes in complete form by adding all the pieces we have created together.

The sum of everything will always be nothing.


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