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Why this category ? Because there will be always important and less important things. Knowing how we choose the important things defines us. Important is a concept that differs in most people and understanding this can help us throughout our lives.

Here are the main topics for “what is important” category. Feel free to recommend others!

important things and why?, life path, dreams, wishes, celebrations, security and feeling secure, hardest things

What i think?

Important things are important also for our way of thinking and acting. A good selection of such will have a bigger impact on how we think than any other things. Please try to select your memories to reflect the things you think are important! Don’t use other person’s important things as your’s. You might find you are lost if you do so! Guide your children to select their own important things based on their qualities!


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  1. Cordy Says:
    April 11th, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    That’s rleyal thinking out of the box. Thanks!

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