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“work, play, activities” category is filed under Natural things as it’s parent. Some might disagree with this choice and some might agree. Unless i get a very good reason we will keep it that way for the moment.

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tools, service industry, product industry, workplace hazards, team work, workplace interaction

What i think?

For some work is the most important thing in life. It’s the only way to live in fact. Some see work as a burden, some enjoy it. The truth is that work is both necessary both useful. We get greater advantages from work than just money. We get to interact with people, to maintain out mental health, to feel useful. Balance you work time with your leisure time and work until you feel you need to stop. Think as the advantages of work not as a burden!

The best way to discover life is through playing. We play from the moment we are born up to our end. Never stop playing as you will stop living!


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