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how to deal with the unknown, how to accept the new, getting old and understanding the new, death

My main opinions on this?

Unknown for some is seen as a bad thing, for others is similar with fear. We can always treat unknown as new and here we go, we have a different possible better perspective. I think we should never treat unknown or new things with fear or rejection. Just think at how many things wore unknown to you 3 years ago. … how many people, how many places, how many experiences … and balance this with the “joy” of not knowing. Face life with knowledge and you will have an easier path.

Last but not least comes a time when we need to say good by to this world and depart to our next adventure. We choose not too talk about this too much … yet we think of it greatly. We need to talk about our fears to overcome them. We need live every day like it will be our last!


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