Using iPhone and similar devices as a learing tools

In the past months i have been using my iPhone for something different than i previously used any mobile devices.  I’m learning write & speak Mandarin Chinese in a different way than i would previously have.

Why is iPhone is so useful for learning new languages ?

  • it’s touch enabled, giving me the chance to practically test the new Chinese characters i learn – using eStroke application i learn how to write them and i also test my writing skills, this also applies for other languages
  • it has a wide variety of dictionaries available, for my specific task i use KTdict-C-E
  • it has a wide variety of applications that can be used to learn pronunciation – i personally use the DianHua Audio addon
  • you have access to different games to complement learning and make it more fun – like use for example Chinese Word search application whenever i want some fun :-). You can choose better than me for sure !
  • last and not least the ability to access this features fast and when i need them gives me great freedom of movement and faster and more natural learning. I am folowing my “need to know” now. I don’t have to learn things that i don’t want when i don’t need them. I use iPhone to learn … when i get bored, when i travel, when i have nothings else to do … basically any moment that i would have previously loose doing nothing.

I guess everything i am telling you here applies for a greater number of learning subjects, making platforms like this useful for everybody. I would imagine myself learning geography, history, and other social sciences with ease.

As any learning activity you should also take into consideration the preparation needed. You need to find the appropriate tools ( in this case software applications ), give them a try, select the information that you need to learn ( prepare web pages filled with information so you can browse them using the built in browser, lists with information, books in electronic format – PDF’s to be used with PDF readers, etc. ), arrange everything into an appropriate form, and extend your learning methods to include games, quizes and basically anything that makes your subject more fun.

Happy learning !


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2 Responses to “Using iPhone and similar devices as a learing tools”

  1. kezaer Says:
    December 16th, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    I’m browsing your blogs to learn English, meanwhile you learn Chinese with your Iphone. It’s really funny.
    I’m Chinese from Hubei, if u get any problems in learning Chinese, I’ll be glad to help you. You can post me E-mail

  2. Dan Says:
    December 17th, 2009 at 12:45 am

    Thank you kezaer for your good intentions, you are very nice. Did you know there are 100.000 Americans learning Chinese at this time in Universities around USA ? As China develops, more and more people are interested in it’s language and traditions … and one very nice feature of your language is the fact that using traditional characters you can read 2000 year old writings unlike us, European for example that have forgotten long time ago to read books in Latin, Chirilic and other lost alphabets.

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