Improve your transportation habits

Transportation it’s one of the main pollutant sources on a global scale and one of the biggest CO2 sources.
This is mainly because we rely on non renewable, polluting sources to power our cars and other means of transport.
You can also consider the short lifetime of a car, that has become even shorter nowadays, making the car disposal one big pollution problem.

The simplest and easiest way to minimize the pollution generated by transportation is to travel less. Every consideration we take should be based also upon our needs and upon the usefulness of such needs.

A. don’t use cars for short distances when you can easily take a walk and be more healthy. If you are in a hurry you can use a bicycle instead. Because we usually travel very short distances and we do it often not using a car will have a important and good impact on our environment. Maybe some people interested in this will be able to calculate exactly the amount of pollution generated by short distance travel compared to long distance.

B. don’t use cars when there are alternative ways to travel like metro, buses and other public transportation means. You can easily understand how much we can benefit from a bus full of people than from a street crowded by cars. You can effectively use more than 90% less energy and generate even less pollution by doing this;

C. try to think more about how to solve your problems without traveling to the required place. Phone & Internet are valuable tools in our times, don’t forget about them;

D. take into consideration the petrol/gasoline consumption when buying a car and think not at what the car will do for your image, but at what you can do for your planet;

E. if possible buy cars that use alternative power sources like hybrid cars etc;

F. buy common car models – even if you want to stand out from the crowd, buying cars that are similar with the cars that you see everyday on the street can help producers optimize the production process, minimize environmental impact, arrange a better end of life recycling process;

G. Choose train/metro over other means of transport whenever it is available. You can use train over plane even if you will have to travel a few hours longer. You can always read a good book while travelling by train 🙂 ;

H. Use air transport only for intercontinental or very very long distance flights over seas or continents. I think this is the only justifiable times. Air travel is the highest pollutant ( CO2 ) mean of transport by far;

I. Plan your routes carefully. Careful planning can save you a lot of time and can also greatly reduce the impact your travel has on the environment. Avoiding a traffic congestion will save you time and you will use less petrol. You can find out about traffic congestions on your local radio station. You can also use mapping software as Google Earth to plan your route. Don’t be afraid to choose a new route just because you don’t know it. You will get used to find your way faster and better if you have some confidence;

This is an open list and I would love to have new additions to it from you, my readers so if you do think you can add something to this list that you consider important please comment !


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