Idea Log – Product availability announced by SMS

I have read for a long time about the fridge of the future that will tell you when you must throw your eggs, will contact the shop and replenish your vegetables while you are asleep … While i am sure tests have been made there will be some time until such products go into mainstream production. Heck … i don’t even want one of those products. Why should anybody but me know what’s in my fridge ?

Yet i would like to see  new technology put to a better and simpler use. Me and my wife love to eat fresh fresh mozarella. But this is a very big inconvenient while living in China. There are some Carrefour stores around here but they receive such products erratically.

I would love to be informed by SMS when such products hit Carrefour or other retailer’s shelves. The same idea can apply to any type of product.

The system is so simple that i don’t really know why nobody implemented it up to now! ( as far as i know ) Each product has a unique identifier. They can maintain a database that contains records of a phone number and it’s corresponding product ID. Subscription can be done on the spot while unsubscription is even simpler … done remotely by SMS. The phone number might not be linked to any other data from consumer thus preserving privacy!

As a programmer i can also do this myself or lead a team of programmers to do it on a larger scale. If you are interested just contact me at

Hoping that this will be done eventually,



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