The wrong ways of “GREEN Energy”

Lately “Green Energy” has become more than an simple annoyance to my ears. Everybody is talking about that, people on the streets, companies and even governments. People believe that “Green Energy” will solve their energy needs. Companies are banking on this term to sell their products. Governments are using it to reshape the global economy. All this takling and no thinking !

In the following i will give some simple examples on how this “green energy” term is mistakenly and outrageously used:

Solar & wind streetlights ( google images link )

This is a product that should never have existed if people are really thinking at saving the planet and here is why:

  1. made from components that have a short lifespan ( battery used to accumulate the electricity generated by wind / solar source, moving parts for the wind power part that can be easily damaged )
  2. low efficency ( small scale wind generator is known to have low eficency and the same for the PV panels )
  3. components proned to obsolence in a short period of time ( after 10 years nobody will be able to find spareparts for this products )
  4. needs periodical mentainance ( the PV panel can get really dirty, the solar generator can get stuck )
  5. high cost of replacing current instalations ( larger holding structures, transportation requirements etc )
  6. and abundence of polluting agents being used to manufacture this streetlights ( more paint for larger surfaces, more steel to hold the structure etc )
  7. much better alternatives exists:

It’s easy to see why the real solution is to use the existent street lights, replace the bulbs / heads with LED powered ones and build separate wind and solar farms. Te cost of mainteinance of a solar powered farm is far less than the cost of menteinance of thousands of streetlights with panels attached. The same applies to wind power. It’s easyer to build and maintain a decent windfarm than maintain separate wind generators spread over thousands of kilometers of streets. In fact we are not talking only about maintenance we are talking about the whole lifecycle of this products.

Using the current electricity supply network will also limit the need for batteries inside the streetlight, in fact won’t be required at all!

I only agree with 1 thing when we are talking about solar and wind powered streetlights: are really usefull in remote locations where electricity is not available or the costs to install such electricity are far higher than the costs of installing the streetlights !

So to everybody out there listening:

!!! STOP USING AND MAKING SOLAR AND/OR WIND POWERED STREETLIGHTS !!! Installing such systems in areas with already available electricity network is a useless, money wasting – earth destroying thing !

Solar garden light ( google images link )

The reasons why solar garden light products are in fact more BLACK then GREEN are similar with the ones of the Solar & Wind Stretlights:

  1. easy to break, materials usually don’t widstand low temperature, humidity, high summer sun, etc
  2. they require battery to store electricity
  3. they use a lot of materials when imagine that one LED lamp connected to the house electricity system should be 1 mm thick at most !
  4. they have poor light quality ( cheap models )
  5. very low lifespan and fast obsolence

There is no logical explaination that comes to my mind on why should anyone use this product! Everything can be done in a much better way using already available materials and some wiring ( use 24V systems if you are concerned with safety )

That’s it for now ! I will be back and complete this list with more BLACK products in the near future ! See you soon !


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