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Sometimes i read some hair raising articles, not because of their subject, not because of the way they are written but because they prove a horrible understanding of the basic realities of human life and they promote the distortion of this realities to inimaginable extents. This is plain wrong. Is wrong to shit ideeas without at least thingking at them for a split second and thinking what the impact of such ideeas will be. I am trying to corect a wrongdoing by The SUN, the famous UK tabloid, that together with their non interesting articles they include brain damaging conclusions with the help of ‘reliable’ and ‘documented’ and ‘educated’ sources.

This is the article i am dissecting today:

Let’s start with the “Smaller brains, more wrinkles, fewer teeth” a title that only can make us guess what horrors will follow. Then we continue speaking about the only really true fact taht exist in this article that states that “EVOLUTION has changed our bodies and faces over thousands of years — and it’s still happening.” From this point we forget about reality and we dwelve into the horror of the future human. I present first my opinions then i compare them with the ones presented in the article:

HEIGHT – while i believe that humans of the future will be taller this is in now way linked to improve nutrition and medical science, unless we can say that we will be genetically modified to be taller. The only and the logical reason that humans in the future will be taller is that beeing tall is seen a a beautifull characteristics so women and man alike will choose taller parteners over shorter ones when reproducing. So i hope Osteopath Garry Trainer did not state that people will be taller because of improved nutrition and medical science witch is a utter nonsense, and i hope is only LYNSEY HAYWOOD, Sun reporter that can englighten us.

INTESTINES – the length of the intestines is linked with the simple fact that people that had more/longer intestines had the capacity to eat more food, digest all types of plants and meats so they could survive better and have better chances to procreate. This is the reason intestines have grown in length over time. In the future the length of the intestines does not affect anymore the ability to procreate and knowing this i can conclude that the intestine length will level off and won’t grow or shorten much more over the next forseeable future. The intestine will not “get shorter so we don’t absorb as much fat and sugar — a natural way of avoiding obesity, says dentist Dr Philip Stemmer”. So Dr. Philip Stemmer is a denstit who has no knowledge of medicine whatsoever and i am ashamed he is in a position to make such utter nonsense statements. Shame on you Dr. Philip Stemmer.

TESTICLES – Testicles wore in the past a sign of fertility so male with longer testicles had better changes of finding a suitable partner. If we look from a racial point of view because in Africa testicles have been exposed longer than on other continents Africans tend to have longer testicles than other races. Asians have the smallest because they stater wearing clothes earlier and testicle length did not play a role on choosing a partner for a very long time. The size of the testicles will remain almost the same in the future globally but because of interbreeding of races Africans will have smaller testicles while Asians will have longer. So the size of the testicles has nothing to do with ‘male fertility decline’. Shame on you The Sun reporter! Another FAIL!

ARMS AND FINGERS – Because arms and fingers are commonly used for expressing thoughts and people that express themselves better have better chances of finding a suitable partener and procreating in the future we will have longer arms and fingers. There might also be a link between arms and fingers with the way we use techology today in the sense that people that are more proefficient in using arms and fingers will be able to find parteners on online networks faster and probably will have chances of making more money so this will increase their changes in successfully attaining procreation but this is the maximum extent in witch we can link iPhones with the future development of hands and fingers. From another perspective because today people with very high dexterity are no longer valuable to society like for example the watch makers the length of the arms and fingers will not improve changes of poeople with long arms to survive better than the ones with shorter arms. So overall i think the size of arms will increase but at a minimum pace, maybe 1cm in the next 1000 years or more. So there will be no dramatical change in this area. ANOTHER FAIL for The SUN! Shame on you for this lousy reporting! You claim that “ARMS AND FINGERS get longer to reduce the need to reach too far and nerve endings in hands and fingers will increase because of the greater use of devices such as iPhones that need complex eye-hand coordination.” What a utter nonsense!

BRAINS – Brain helped a lot people in the past to survive in their enviroinment and have babies. People with big brains would hunt better, plan better for the winter, do everything a little better so evolution favored them. That is until agriculture was invented and up to nowadays where with enough inherited fortune you can survive all your life without using your brain whatsoever. So yes the BRAIN will get smaller in the future because it does not have any more impact on the natural selection process as it has in the past, in fact nowadays the smaller the brain the greater chances that you will have babies and live a longer live than intelligent people that to crazy or dangerous things. Another FAIL for mister Chris Stringer and The SUN in this area too. Brain size won’t change because ‘so much memorising and thinking is done by our computers’. This is just anohter utter nonsense! Seems mister Chris is working as a genitor in the Natural History Museum.

EYES – Eye size is an important feature of our face and it’s a important LIKE in the way we choose our partener. So yes because they still count in the natural selection EYE size will increase in the future (but only after a small decrease caused by the interbreeding of Asian and other races). In fact we can’t call it a decrease. Europeans will have smaller eyes and Asians bigger then gradually everybody eyes will increase in size. Another factor for the increased size is the fact that nowadays we do a lot of work in poor light conditions. So people doing better work in poor light will have better changes of survival than healty people that stay outsize. Doing better work in poor light mens that your eyes are bigger and that they can capture more light. So this is one simple reason of why our eyes will be bigger. People living outside, in the sunlight simply don’t need big eyes because the Sun provides allways enough light. So increased eyes will also meean more senstive to Sun so people will stay more time indoors with all that this means.So The SUN gives us another shit opinion “There will be LARGE EYES to compensate for smaller mouths”. Althow Cary Cooper, of Lancaster University “Communication will rely on facial expressions and eye movements.” is the first one that get’s the bigger picture a little bit right. Yes people that can communicate better will get more kids so people with bigger eys that we consider ‘the window of our soul’ will thrive, althow he does miss some other explainations that i have discussed earlier.

TEETH – in the past good teeth ment long life, meant more kids to inherit your good teeth. So this was the engine of teeth growth in strength, number and size. Because nowadays people rely only on dentists to fix their teeth, we have eliminated one more thing from the list of natural evolution. Because now we can replace the whole mouth if we wish a woman can’t recognize a man with BAD teeth and the opposite is true. So the teeth will continue to stagnate or even decline inthe next few thousands of years. There will be another leveling of this property on the overall population. People with very good teeth will dissapear and people with very bad teeth the same. So everybody will just have medium teeth in the future.
What Dr. Stemmer explains to us is another great stupidity from the mouth of a person that should have no right to practice medicine let alone be a Dentist. Here is the utter nonsense stated by this dentist: “Dentist Dr Stemmer also thinks there could be FEWER TEETH as softer food needs less chewing and biting. He says: “We could even get our nutrition from liquids or pills in the future, which could mean less teeth and receded jaws.”

CHINS – the plastic surgeon wants more ugly people to come to see him. He wishes that everybody has quadruple chins. In your dreams Mr. plastic surgeon! “Our bodies were designed for eating less and using more energy than a modern lifestyle requires,” says Rajiv Grover, a consultant plastic surgeon. I hope this is not a real plastic surgeon. It’s a shame. Because chins are still considered a beautiful trait of males and females alike people with medium chins will win the most.  Too big bad, too small is also bad so people will choose to mate with a partner with medium chin size. So in the future the chin size will keep beautiful proportions. So in the future the chin size won’t change dramatically from what it is nowadays.

NOSE – The SUN has the same conclusion that i have that the NOSE will be the same for all humans in the long run but they come to this conclusion through a wrong reasoning. People don’t select their partners anymore due to their nose size. Nowadays a lot of women choose to ‘deceit’ men by having their nose job. Because of this our kids nose will become more of the same size and people with small or bigger noses will be harder to find than today. ‘Everyone will have the same shape of NOSE because climate is having less influence on broad or narrow hooters thanks to air conditioning and central heating.’ is another very idiot brain damaging conclusion of The SUN. Climate at least for now does not have any impact on the nose size whatsoever because it does not impact the fundamental natural evolution of man by procreation, that is having babies. Climate don’t affect partner’s choices on nose size or the ability of a person to survive just in time to have kids.

HAIR – I’m getting a little bit tired of commenting this stupid article but i feel that people must know the reality they are in and don’t accept this as news in the future. After all i want a better future for everybody. “Central heating and warm clothing means we’ll be LESS HAIRY but there’ll be more WRINKLES as a result of peering at our electronic devices ??? WTF. Another FAIL. LESS hair is considered beautiful and women go to great lengths in removing their body hair. When men are choosing a woman they look at their soft skin and they expect no hair … and this was the main reason we today now have less corporal hair than our ancestors. But this is changed, women can trick us again using technology, we can also trick them into thinking that we don’t have forests on our chest or in our beards so hair has been eliminated in terms of natural selection. Because of this the corporal hair quantity will level off, so Asians will start having more hair, Europeans less and overall we will have the same corporal hair in the future than we have today.

The end is already impossible for me to comment. Just judge for yourselves:
“We could end up with saggy turkey necks too because extra sun will cause loose skin and baggy eyelids.” but they do have a valid conclusion to end with … “And there will be darker skin as people move around the planet and races mix.” Yes because of a intense race mix everybody will have in the long run a darker skin shade, there will be no black and white anymore.

And don’t forget: Brain usage does not harm your health!

P.S. The article forgot to mention a lot of other human features like muscle mass, senses including smell, hearing, that maybe i will try to discuss with you in an another article on the subject of how the human of the future will be like.


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