Ten ways to keep yourself happy

Happiness is a shared experience, it’s the sum of our feelings a moment in time. Happiness also comes from simple things, things that all of us understand. Did you forget to be happy today ? Let me remind you how:

1. Smiling
Smiling is the easiest and probably the most effective way to keep yourself happy. Smiling is contagious, smiling makes people near you happy, they trust you more and when they smile back you feel rewarded. So don’t you stand there and don’t smile, smile with every chance you have. (Some people will surely say i forgot laughing… but i did not, when laughing others need to know why and sometimes not everybody is in the mood to laugh.)

2. Wear a Mickey Mouse T-shirt
Yeah, we all know Mickey Mouse and we all love him, parents and kids alike, almost in every country. Mickey Mouse is an icon without borders it’s a common thing we have even if we are strangers to each other. So go buy a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. You will at least have something in common with everybody you meet.

3. Help people to take pictures in the park
Most of the times couples go to spend time in the parks of our crowded cities and all the time they want to remember that moment. At that point they try to take pictures of themselves, of their loved ones. Also most of the time they are only able to take pictures in turns and they end up not having a proper picture together. As this is probably the only picture they would really remember you can help them by offering to take a picture. They would love this, and you will have a chance to learn how to use all the existing camera models, from old ones up to the latest professional ones. They would reward you for your help by smiling at you and sometimes you can even make new friends.

4. Help people with directions
Do you know your neighborhood really well? Use that to help others. It’s easy to see when someone needs a help in this area. You just look around and you will understand. Help those people find what they are looking for. I remember when i first arrive to Cluj Napoca a man helped me find a school near the city center. He offered to take me there and after a short walk and a nice talk i got where i wanted to. I was happy and i could not thank him enough. He surely knew that making others happy meant happiness for him too. It’s only years later i have understood his reasons. Thank you !

5. Crowded metro station ?
Someone does not know how to buy a ticket because he is new in town? Don’t you stand there and watch and complain about how long it takes to buy a ticket. Go and help him. He will remember that the city is not an frightening, heartless place after all.

6. Not all of us are strong and powerful
Some of us are young and fragile, some of us are old and weak. Offer your help in carrying their things on the stairs or at the road crossing. But keep in mind not to insist if they refuse your help.

7. Give kids a candy
All the kids want something, either a candy or a toy to play and sometimes a parent can’t afford one. Ask the parent if it’s OK to buy his kid that thing he really wants. If you can get his parent permission than you will surely make 2 people happy, the kid and his parent.

8. Share the nice moments with your friends
If you think something is worth sharing and will please them don’t hesitate. They might not be happy right away but they will understand they you care for them. Don’t share things that are good for you, share things that you think are good for others. Nobody wants to know you’ve got a new diamond ring. They would like much more a simple advice or how are you question. You can easily see how a person is, based on what is sharing with his friends.

9. Add value to your world
Creativity is a human trait. We are creative every second by we must know to use that to add value to the things around us. Either by helping someone with fixing his door lock, his watch, his car, either by creating a new online way to get people together. All this things add value to our world and make it better. We are as good as the world we live in.

10. Shut up and listen
Every time you should listen first and talk later. You never know what the other person is thinking unless he tells you and he can’t do that if you talk all the time. Having the patience to listen will enable you to understand better to world around you and feel more comfortable living in it and probably happier.

The list can be continued, but at least for now, if you manage to do all this things you will get a big hug.


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